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Timber Floors VS Carpet Pros & Cons

April 26, 2019
If you bought a home which luckily came with polished timber floorboards or if you are still deciding whether or not installing polished timber floors is right for you, then consider these points about timber flooring relative to laying carpets.


We mentioned you were ‘lucky’ to buy a home with polished floorboards as this type of flooring is beneficial for a variety of reasons. In the first instance, polished wooden floorboards are much safer and cleaner for you and your family. If you have a household with pets or smokers, then carcinogenic toxins and germs are more likely to lodge in the carpets, posing a health risk to everyone in the household. It is also known that certain viruses can lodge and survive in carpets for as long as a month.  And the same is true with regards to mould.  This is an important issue to consider, particularly in households where there are infants who crawl on the floor.
Even carpet vacuuming can be hazardous for your health: many vacuum cleaners collect the dust from the floor but can then within themselves create a bacterial breeding ground once it is gathered and sits inside the vacuum cleaner for a time.  And when the vacuum cleaner is switched on for use again, some of these germs, which can be the same type of germs found in the bathroom after the toilet has been flushed, can be transmitted into the air throughout the house.  Needless to say, this can make you and your family sick.

Polished Timber Floors

On the other hand, polished floorboards are fast and simple to keep clean and this surface will not incubate germs the way carpet can. If you have pets or children (and especially toddlers), then polished timber floors are the better option for the small messes that regularly tend to be made.
Aside from the elegance of having polished floorboards, this type of flooring also lasts a great deal longer than carpets. And while polished wooden floorboards will outlast even the most premium carpets, just like everything else in your house, regular upkeep is needed to ensure longevity.

Polished Wooden Floorboard Maintenance

In order to restore or maintain your wooden floors, it is important to keep up with sanding and polishing once in a while. How often this is needed depends on how much traffic the particular floor is subjected to, but this is normally done several years in between when correctly done.
Of course, you could take a risk and do the wooden floor sanding and polishing on your own, but there are some compelling reasons why you should leave this to an expert.  At 5 Star Flooring, we have come to the rescue of many a person who has undertaken a DIY project, only to find that inadequate equipment and inadequate skill has caused more damage than good.  We recommend hiring a professional who can give you a guaranteed great finish, and do so efficiently, so you are not indisplaced from your home or office for too long.  A professional can maintain or restore your timber floors in little time without compromising the quality of the finish. And you will be surprised at how reasonable the prices are even for seasoned professionals.

Low Prices do not mean Low Quality

The cost of having your timber floors sanded and polished does vary slightly depending how much repair work is needed and the overall condition of the floorboards to achieve a renewed smooth surface. At 5 Star Flooring, we have the knowledge and experience to meet any unexpected challenge which may present itself as well as the high-tech gear and best products for each job.
We aim to sand, polish and prepare floors to endure high traffic while also making them as aesthetically pleasing as is possible. Floors that we sand and polish are designed to last you many years to come. The hundreds of happy customers and numerous positive testimonials are proof you are in good hands when you hire us.
And once your floorboards are completed, we give you expert, up-to-date advice on the best methods to maintain them in top condition. What this means oftentimes, is a simple cleaning routine of gently brooming and mopping the surface.
Get in touch with us today to discuss the removal of current flooring such as carpets and the sanding, polishing and maintenance of existing floorboards.