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Floor Sanding Cost Sydney

The Cost of Floor Sanding and Polishing In Sydney

It is necessary for all property owners whose floors are made of timber to carry out ongoing maintenance through floor sanding and floor polishing on a regular basis.  This is vital if you would like to keep the floors aesthetically pleasing, and for them to last longer.
But keeping tabs on the process of keeping a polished wooden floor means some planning is required.  It means every bit of furniture will need to be removed from the floors requiring sanding, then polishing and drying.  Plus, you would need to move out of the space completely for two days or so for the work to be done and for finishings to be applied, which need to off-gas while drying and setting before everything gets returned and the space can be used again.  Still, it is worth taking the time to do this as the floors can deteriorate from lack of maintenance and in the long run, even more repairs would be required to bring the floors back up to their beautiful best.
To lessen the amount of time you, your family or staff (if sanding a shop or office) need to be displaced, it is recommended you leave this job to the professionals.  5 Star Flooring will produce expert results in minimum time at a great, competitive price.  Do not assume that maintaining floors is an expensive endeavor as this is not the case.  All things considered, it will likely cost you less than if you do it yourself.

How Much for Floor Sanding in Sydney

You can expect floor services to cost in the range of $22-$32/m2 (incl. GST) and you can be assured that with 5 Star Flooring, such low pricing does not mean a compromise to the quality work.  Our economy of scale is made possible through a number of expert staff members who can finish the job efficiently without skimping on quality.


The cost of floor sanding and polishing is dependent on a variety of factors.  For instance, if the floor needs extensive restoration and repairs, the quote would be somewhat higher.  Pricing is also dependent upon the type of polish you require.  If the areas to be treated need to withstand high traffic, then a heavy-duty, high-grade floor polish is needed to resist the ravages of wear over time.
And finally, do let us know if removal of furniture is something you can do yourself, as this would decrease the quote we give you and is a part of the process where you could save yourself money.
With over a decade of experience, at 5 Star Flooring, we are the go-to experts with a fine reputation in the floor sanding industry in and around Sydney.  If you have any specific questions or require advice, please get in touch with us at any time.