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Floor Sanding Sydney Preparing and Polishing Timber Flooring

5 Star Flooring are sought-after floor sanders in Sydney’s inner and metropolitan area. We use thorough procedures to ensure you receive a 5-star result.

Preparation of floors prior to sanding

Timber floors that are newly laid need to have nails punched through them. Afterwards, coloured putty is used to plug these holes. Given that edging equipment sands right up to walls, we recommend not installing skirting boards. In the case of existing timber floors, we remove or punch down adhesives, old nails, carpet underlay and staples, making repairs or replacements of boards as required. Sanding does not commence until preparation is complete, and the first cut is typically done with coarse-grit sandpaper to flatten out the floor.

The work area is prepared prior to timber floor sanding

Whether you are renovating, decorating or building, it is important to schedule your timber floor sanding after all the building work (such as plumbing, glazing, electrical, plastering and carpentry) is completed. It is essential that power is accessible and all floor coverings and furniture have been removed. Curtains and light fittings may be covered up with either plastic bags, paper, or be temporarily removed as well. As sanding is intrinsically a messy process, rooms must be sealed so that dust particles are contained only within the finished areas. That means that open doors or windows, air vents and fireplaces need to be sealed using masking tape and paper. Quite oddly, polyurethane seems to attract ants, so to prevent ants from crawling across newly finished floors and spoiling them, we recommend carrying out a pest treatment prior to the commencement of floor sanding. Given that some finishes with toxic based coatings need time to harden and also give off powerful fumes for several days before you can safely breathe in the space and furniture may be reinstated, you will need to seek alternative accommodation during this time. Also keep in mind that wet floor areas should not be walked upon.

Sanding the Timber Floors

Specialised machines are used to sand timber flooring. Typically, either so-called drum sanders or large belts are used, along with an ‘edger’ for difficult-to-reach sections such as stairs and corners. Using these, our trained operators will prepare the floor properly. The timber floors are sanded, then thoroughly vacuumed, removing all remnants of dust particles so they can then be quickly sealed—before any further dust contamination has a chance to enter from other parts of the house and settle upon the newly applied finish.

Polishing & Finishing the Floor

Depending on the kind of finish you would like, the floors could then be stained, with a minimum application of two finish coats. This is subsequently left for several days to harden. There is a huge selection of different finishes and stains available to choose from for the flooring: select either water-based, solvent-based or oil-based. Once your floors are sanded, deciding on the correct finish is important and we can give you recommendations about this, taking into account colour, traffic conditions, gloss and other considerations for your particular flooring. To obtain further information regarding finishes and stains for either your deck or internal timber floors, please visit this page.

Floor Restoration and Repairs
For existing flooring, the replacement of damaged or hardwood tongue-and-groove floorboards is an involved process requiring precision and experience. 5 Star Flooring are the experts in floor sanding in Sydney, and we have the know-how to not only repair damaged boards or replace sections of boards, but to sand them and match the finishing colour as closely as possible to the original. Given it is hard to obtain perfect results when sanding and colour-matching new boards with aged boards, it is best to sand and polish the entire floor area, rather than an individual section.
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The Flooring Services we undertake in Sydney include:
We provide our services in the following areas: Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern and Western Suburbs, the Northern Beaches, Wollongong, and Campbelltown. No matter where in or around Sydney you live, we can offer you the most affordable quote quickly and efficiently. We can cater to your specific schedule and complete the work when it is most convenient for you and your household. We have over a decade of experience in flooring. Our family-owned business can guarantee high quality, efficiently done work. We are specialists in all aspects of minor floor repairs, and timber floor sanding, polishing and restoration and can give expert flooring advice. Call us today to see what we at 5 Star Flooring can do for you.

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