Hi Everyone,

This Is Sam and 5Star Flooring Team and we are all committed to the health and wellbeing of our team members, customers and community.

The spread of COVID-19 presents us with the challenge of finding the balance between community welfare and business continuity, whilst being vigilant about the health and wellbeing of our teams, customers and community.

We have adopted ‘social distancing’ to help further protect our customers and our team who continue to work through this very difficult time. We wish to advise that we are following strict safety protocols and will adhere to the recommendations of the Australian Government and World Health Organisation to minimise the spread of this virus. In addition, we have put a temporary hold on all face to face group meetings to ensure our team can continue to work in a safe environment and we encourage the use of digital technology to connect with customers and staff where required.

Our contact with everyday people except for our immediate family will be kept to the bare minimum through this time, insuring ‘social distancing’ and ‘home quarantine’ protocols are adhered to, for as long as it takes.

Again we encourage the use of digital technology to stay connected with us so we have an open and clear means of communication.

5 Star Flooring will remain open to the public and trade. We will continue to make hygiene a top priority with increased hand-washing, ongoing sanitisation of equipment and maintaining high levels of cleaning to provide safe environments. We encourage all customers’ to help us in this fight by practising their own individual best health practices.

To date, we have experienced no disruption in maintaining our services, and we remain focused on continuing to deliver on time to our customers. In short, we have positioned our operations to withstand localised disruptions without widespread impact.